AI (Artificial Intelligence) & Automation Solutions

Teklibrium takes pride in being one of the few Staffing Solution companies that actually is in tune with this growing field and has the ability to seek the ‘best of the best’ available talent in the market to staff your temporary and permanent needs. Teklibrium recognizes how critical it is for an organization to be in step with Automation and AI solutions, now and more so in the near future. We estimate that in the next 5 years more than half the things will be automated or near to being automated. We are well versed with the Automated Technology softwares and companies that are coming up with them. Also being partners with companies like IBM and Oracle does help to keep abreast with their new and innovative AI/Automation technologies. We realize that Cognitive Technologies like IBM Watson are going to be the norm in the near future. We also realize that a lot of functions and processes including coding functions will be automated. We foresee that Call centers will be manned by Automated software and it will be ‘cool’ to have a conversation with a Robot as if it was human. Well to achieve all this you will need a ‘human hand and a human mind to develop and control’ that is where we come in to help you find such talent and manage the aspects of those projects.
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