ERP/SAP Solutions

For most organizations, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are the vital backbone of all of their business transactions and communications. ERP systems today are increasingly becoming beyond simply being the core of transaction processing for large, complex enterprises, they are often the launch pad for entrepreneurial initiatives such as e-business and B2B commerce.


We provide ERP/SAP Solution proving talent per your needs. Our end-to-end ERP services and solutions provide assistance in automating, computerizing and speeding up transactions throughout the organization.

Our ERP Solutions eliminate most of the business problems like Material shortages, Productivity enhancements, Customer service, Cash Management, Inventory problems, Quality problems, Prompt delivery, Billing etc.

With our vertically integrated solutions approach, experienced project teams, offshore delivery, and strong technology practices we help your organization derive maximum value from its ERP projects.

We Provide Talent in Peoplesoft, Oracle, SIEBEL and SAP ERP Solutions.

In addition, we offer the following ERP support activities :

* ERP Customer Service Team for ongoing customer support
* ERP Localization Team for localization and customization
* ERP Basis Team Infrastructure
* Training

We provide a complete ERP system solution for your firm. Its basic elements are :

01. Standard product adjustment
02. Analysis of the current situation
03. Solution installation and administration
04. Solution proposal and differentiated analysis
05. Data transfer from original information systems
06. Internal and external system connections, e.g. with business partner's systems
07. End-user and administrator training, manual production
08. Routine operation support, further development and upgrade solutions

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