Cyber Security Solutions

Cybersecurity is no joke. Whether you have a website, online accounts or any type of Web-
based infrastructure, you are at risk for a cyberattack.

Although the public typically only hears about cyberattacks against high-profile companies,
banks and government websites, small businesses make prime targets for cybercriminals,
competitors and disgruntled parties. Yet, due to their lack of resources, small businesses have
the least-protected websites, accounts and network systems – making cyberattacks a relatively
easy job.

To help you protect your business, Teklibrium will find you the qualified manpower and
consultants quickly and within your budget. Teklibrium has an integrated network of qualified
resources that will provide the much needed attention that you deserve.

Teklibrium also partners with Oracle, Ingram Micro, DataStax and IBM to bring you the best of innovative
technology consulting that you so desire.

Our Cyber Security SMEs can help you analyze your infrastructure, troubleshoot minor issues
on the spot and recommend innovative technologies to make your work environment more secure and efficient. Like they say “A stitch in time saves a nine” and that is very true when it
comes to Cybersecurity. Better to shell some money upfront BEFORE an attack happens rather
than wait and spend 100 times more to curb the damages in the aftermath.

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