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5 Things You Should Do Before Your Remote Interview

The job hiring process is stressful for any candidate, even if they have done it many times before. When this process is carried out online, it may become even more complex.

Employers are more likely to do remote interviews following the pandemic than they are to conduct in-person interviews.

So, how does one go about preparing for it? What are the most important remote interview tips to keep in mind?

1- Avoid Casual Approach and Do Your Research

First and foremost, keep in mind that this is still a formal interview. That implies you’ll need to plan ahead of time and complete all of the essential research about the company. Examine the company’s website and any media or public relations articles. Consider any queries you might have; this demonstrates your curiosity and conveys a professional demeanor.

2- Dress Code

Just because you will be most certainly interviewed outside of the office doesn’t mean you should dress casually; this is still a formal interview. This formality will almost certainly apply to any enterprises, whether modern European tech startups or traditional modest businesses. Dress professionally, or at the very least, decently.

3- Check the Technicalities

Check to see if your network is up to date and if your laptop is functional. If you’re doing the interview using browser-based software, make sure your laptop camera and microphone are in sync so that the conversation can begin immediately. Put your phone aside and make sure there are no notifications on your laptop that could distract you during the interview. Also, prepare any items you’ll need for the interview ahead of time, such as notepads and pens. 

4- Be Enthusiastic and Expressive

It will be more difficult to impress because you will not be meeting face to face. Keep your facial expressions and body language in mind. Smile and be upbeat even though you’re in a virtual environment. Make sure the area is calm and free of distractions so you can appear your best. Consider your surroundings as well. Nobody wants to be in the unpleasant scenario of hearing their own words echoed via the background speakers. This may make the environment a little uneasy, and it may detract attention from your interview.

5- Mock Interviews

Perform a trial run before the interview. This is an important step since it helps you prepare for the process. Many of us are inexperienced with doing interviews remotely; it’s a good idea to practice being interviewed on camera. It might help you get used to looking at yourself in the mirror and seeing how you seem on camera. Request a friend who is familiar with the remote hiring process conducts a practice interview for you online. Make sure you take your answers seriously.

Naturally, there are many parallels between doing a remote interview and giving an on-site interview, but the essentials are sometimes overlooked.

At the end of the day, some things can go wrong that you can’t control. However, the above are only a few fundamental precautions you may take to help reduce the possibility of this happening.

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